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Turnitin® at TAMUCC

Plagiarism has never been easier than it is today. The power of the internet makes it easy to find thousands of relevant sources in seconds, and with a few click of a mouse button students can locate, copy, and paste together a research paper, or report.  It can be very time consuming for educators to check and verify suspected plagiarism, so many don't bother.

Help is here.  The Provost office has provided TAMUCC faculty with a tool to help combat plagiarism, Turnitin®.  TAMUCC now has a institutional license to use this full-featured plagiarism prevention tool developed by iParadigms, LLC.

The Distance Education & Learning Technologies department provides training for using Turnitin's tools.  New users should contact Faculty & Staff Help-Desk at to request an instructor account with

Tutorial resources for faculty can be found at TAMU-CC's Turnitin Resources webpage.