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Student Success Initiatives

Student Success is at the heart of Texas A&M – Corpus Christi’s mission. Everything in which the university is engaged – research, teaching, service, and faculty and staff activities – is intended to enable our students to achieve at the highest levels. Maintaining a university-wide commitment for our diverse community to ensure student academic achievement and personal well-being is highly valued and essential to student success.

Since 2019, the Student Success Council and other constituencies have engaged the campus community in a collective effort to explore ways to enhance our student success agenda. Through cross-divisional engagement on student success, we have become more data-informed, conducted research, and discussed strategies and action steps on how to develop, nurture, and become innovative in our approach to student success.  

Student Success Plan




Implementation Teams

The purpose of the implementation teams is to focus on strategies and action items for the academic year outlined in the student success plan. These teams work toward recommendations, implementation, and integration to move our student success plan forward.


Academic Support Services

Lead: Dr. Jerel Benton

Financial Barriers

Leads: Oscar Reyna and Dr. Jerel Benton


Lead: Dr. Jerel Benton

Health and Wellness

Lead: Angela Walker

Data and Technology

Lead: Erin Mulligan-Nguyen

Retention and Engagement

Leads: Dr. Lisa Perez and Oscar Reyna

Family Engagement

Lead: Margaret Dechant