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SACSCOC Readiness Audit

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi has begun its SACSCOC Reaffirmation Efforts. The first step of a successful reaffirmation is the readiness audit. The readiness audit involves each of the University's SACSCOC Subcommittees collecting documentation required to show compliance for their assigned standards. Once the documentation is collected, each subcommittee will draft a short narrative of whether, based on the collected documentation, they find the University in compliance with each standard. The subcommittees are listed below along with their assigned standards and the documentation that they need to collect. 

Readiness narratives and collected documentation are need to be uploaded into your subcommittees Syncplicity folder by April 27. Please let Bryan Baker ( know if you have any difficulty uploading these files.

The University's SACSCOC Steering Committee will review these deliverables in early May.

Governing Board Subcommittee (Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Kevin Houlihan (Chair)
  • Katie Bontrager
  • Amy Aldridge Sanford
  • Bryan Baker

Administration and Organization Subcommittee (Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Claire Snyder (Chair)
  • Bryan Baker

Non-Faculty Personnel Appointment and Evaluation Subcommittee (Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Judy Harral (Chair)
  • Debra Cortinas
  • Deborah Zentmire
  • Ben Soto
  • Frank Pezold

Faculty Subcommittee (Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Bunny Forgione (Chair)
  • David Scott
  • Katie Bontrager
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Frank Spaniol
  • Miguel Moreno
  • Jim Silliman
  • Wendy Benderman
  • Dan Riechers
  • Kellie Smith

Institutional Planning & Effectiveness Subcommittee (Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Ed Evans (Chair)
  • Sharmeen Ahmed
  • Katie Bontrager
  • Bryan Baker

Student Achievement Subcommittee (Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Melissa Jarrell (Chair)
  • Bryan Baker
  • Amanda Drum
  • Rita Sperry
  • Gerry Moreno
  • Oscar Reyna
  • Margaret Dechant
  • Katie Bontrager
  • Noelle Ballmer

Educational Program Structure and Content Subcommittee (Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Corinne Valadez (Chair)
  • Debbie Linares
  • Karen Loveland
  • Glenn Blalock
  • Yolanda Keys
  • Cherie McCollough
  • Amy Aldridge Sanford
  • Melissa Jarrell
  • Karen McCaleb
  • Missy Chapa

Educational Policies, Procedures, and Practices Subcommittee (Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Oscar Reyna (Chair)
  • Kevin Houlihan
  • Debbie Linares
  • Ann DeGaish
  • Ashley Larrabee
  • Leticia Bazan
  • Missy Chapa
  • Alexandra Janney

Library and Learning/Information Resources Subcommittee (Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Cate Rudowsky (Chair)
  • Jennifer Anderson
  • Derrik Hiatt
  • Lisa Louis

Academic and Student Support Services Subcommittee (Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Amanda Drum (Co-Chair)
  • Lisa Perez (Co-Chair)
  • John Fortiscue
  • Melissa Jarrell
  • Angela Walker
  • Michael Rendon
  • Rosie Ruiz
  • Missy Chapa

Financial & Physical Resources Subcommittee(Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Becky Torres (Chair)
  • Yolanda Castorena
  • John Dawson
  • John LaRue
  • Mayra Hough
  • Terry Tatum
  • Ed Evans
  • Jaime Nodarse Barrera

Transparency and Institutional Representation Subcommittee(Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Bryan Baker (Chair)
  • Kevin Houlihan
  • Joseph Doan

Financial Aid Subcommittee(Standards and Required Documentation)

  • Margaret Dechant (Chair)
  • Jeannie Gage
  • Enrique Garcia
  • Tracie Perez