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Honors & Awards

The Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs recognizes the contributions of outstanding faculty through a variety of academic awards and honors. 

Faculty awards are an important component of faculty development and advancement. Awards can be beneficial to faculty at all stages of their career. 

Faculty Senate manages several faculty awards and honors. Please visit, Faculty Senate for the list of awards managed by the Faculty Senate. 

Dean Emerita/Emeritus

Dean Emerita/Emeritus
Abdelsamad, Moustafa H. College of Business
Bakke, Ruth M. College of Science and Technology
Cox, Robert L. College of Education & Human Development
Hain, Paul College of Arts and Humanities
Marinez, Diana College of Science and Engineering
Richards, John M. College of Business
Wagenschein, Miriam College of Arts and Humanities


Faculty Emerita/Emeritus

Faculty Emerita/Emeritus
Barnes, Stephen S. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Berkebile, Alan Professor Emeritus of Geology
Bezdek, Robert Professor Emeritus of Political Science
Bray, Christell O.  Professor Emeritus of Nursing
Cameron, Paul Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting
Carpenter, John M. Professor Emeritus of Management
Carrillo, Leonardo Professor Emeritus of Mexican American Studies
Carroll, Patrick Professor Emeritus of History
Cassidy, Jack Professor Emeritus of Reading
Chopin, Suzzette Professor Emerita of Biomedical Sciences
Cox, Catherine Professor Emerita of English
Cross, Wilton Ray Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership
Dube, Leon F. Professor Emeritus of Management and Marketing
Drum, Randell Professor Emeritus of Education
Ellzey, Roy S. Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
Freeman, Janice R. Professor Emerita of Biology
Freeman, Joyce F. Professor Emerita of Biology
Hain, Paul Professor Emeritus of Public Administration
Hall, Steven D.  Professor Emeritus of Accounting
Haswell, Janis Professor Emerita of English
Haswell, Richard Professor Emeritus of English
Haynes, Herbert R. Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
Howard, Ronald M. Professor Emeritus of Education
Huie, William "Bill" Professor Emeritus of Communication
Irwin, Charles D. Professor Emeritus of Management
Joyner, Betty C. Professor Emerita of Management
Knight, Earnest Leon Professor Emeritus of Marketing
Lehman, Roy L.  Professor Emeritus of Biology
Logsdon, Sam Professor Emeritus of Music
Lucero, Margaret Professor Emeritus of Management
Maroney, Robert E. Professor Emeritus of Education
McMinn, Robert D. Professor Emeritus of Economics
Mead, David Professor Emeritus of English
Meyer, Patricia Professor Emerita of Early Childhood Education
McDonald, Claudia L. Associate Vice President Emeritus
McKee, David Professor Emeritus of Marine Biology
Norrell, Clarence L. Professor Emeritus of Education
Pennington, Marie Associate Professor Emerita of Kinesiology
Purdy, Ross Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Riley, Barbara Professor Emerita of Art
Reuter, Gregory R.  Professor Emeritus of Art and Design
Shepperd, Richard Professor Emeritus of Occupational Training and Development
Shirley, Thomas Professor Emeritus of Marine Biology
Spencer, Marilyn K. Professor Emeritus of Economics
Spencer, Martha Professor Emerita of Education
Stevenson, John W. Professor Emeritus of Accounting
Sutherland, Judith Professor Emerita of Nursing
Tarazaga, Pablo Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Trevino, Albert D. Professor Emeritus of Education
Tunnell, John "Wes" Professor Emeritus of Biology
Vokurka, Robert Professor Emeritus of Operations Management
Wagenschein, Miriam Professor Emerita of Sociology
Weiner, Lawrence Professor Emeritus of Music and Composer-in-Residence Emeritus
Whitmire, Ray Professor Emeritus of Finance
Wells, Tim J. Professor Emeritus of Teaching Education
Zebda, M. Awni Professor Emeritus of Accounting

The purpose of the Regents Professor Award of The Texas A&M University System (A&M System) is to honor individuals at the rank of professor or equivalent whose performance as faculty members not only to their institution, agency or health science center component, but also to the community, the State of Texas, and/or at the international level has been exemplary.

Robert L. Smith (2018)
Professor of Counseling and Educational Psychology

Pamela Brouillard (2017)
Professor of Psychology

Marilyn K. Spencer (2016)
Professor of Economics

Paul Montagna (2015)
Professor of Ecosystems and Modeling

Donald Deis (2014)
Professor of Accounting

Bryant Griffith (2013)
Professor of Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction

Jim Lee (2012)
Professor of Economics

Pamela Meyer (2011)
Professor of Sociology

Robb Jackson (2010)
Professor of English

Awni M. Zebda (2009)
Professor of Accounting

Robert A. Wooster (2008)
Professor of History

Suzzette Chopin (2006)
Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Dorothy McClellan (2005)
Professor of Criminal Justice

Mark W. Anderson (2004)
Professor of Art

Leon F. Dube (2003)
Professor of Marketing

Robert Bezdek (2002)
Professor of Political Science

C. Alan Berkebile (2001)
Professor of Geology

Philip W. Rhoades (2000)
Professor of Criminal Justice

Richard E. Shepperd (1999)
Professor of Education

Jane Wilhour (1998)
Professor of Education

John W. Tunnell Jr. (1997)
Professor of Biology