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Committees and Councils

University Technology Council

Purpose or Function: The purpose of the University Technology Council is to coordinate academic, administrative and student information system technology issues and recommend to the President’s Cabinet the strategic direction for the University regarding technology issues. The group also will recommend to the President’s Cabinet the financial allocations targeted for technology.

Membership: The Council’s membership will have representation from the following areas: Provost, Finance & Administration, Institutional Advancement, Student Engagement and Success, Research, Commercialization and Outreach, Library, Enrollment Management, and one representative from each college appointed by the College Dean.  (The Chief Information Officer is an ex-officio member.) Non ex-officio members serve three-year staggered renewable terms.

Chair: Chief Information Officer

Responsible University OfficialChief Information Officer



Term, if applicable

Evans, Edward

Chief Information Officer (Ex-Officio) (Chair)


Rendon, Michael

Academic Affairs Representative

Aug - 2020

Boulan, Tim

College of Graduate Studies Faculty Representative

Aug - 2018

Cantu, Abel

Library Representative

Aug - 2018

Smith, David

Faculty Senate Representative

Aug - 2020

Janney, Alexandra

Distance Education Representative

Aug - 2019

Perez, Lisa

Student Engagement and Success Representative

Aug - 2020

Mahdy, Ahmed

Research, Commercialization & Outreach Representative

Aug - 2020

Rudowsky, Catherine

Mary & Jeff Bell Library Representative

Aug - 2020

Castorena, Yolanda

Finance & Administration Representative

Aug - 2020

Dechant, Margaret

Enrollment Management Representative

Aug - 2020

Nodarse, Jaime

Institutional Advancement Representative

Aug - 2020

Scott, David

College Representative Appointed by Provost

Aug - 2020

Klaus, Tim

College of Business Faculty Representative

Aug - 2018

Squires, David

College of Education & Human Development Faculty Representative

Aug - 2020

Costanzo, Adam

College of Liberal Arts Faculty Representative

Aug - 2018

Keys, Yolanda

College of Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty Representative

Aug - 2019

Liu, Chuntao

College of Science & Engineering Faculty Representative

Aug - 2018

Last Updated: 01/25/2018