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Radiation Safety Committee

Purpose or Function: The Radiation Safety Committee is responsible for establishing and updating policies and practices regarding the use of radioactive materials and radiation producing machines; reviewing all license applications and human use research protocols using radioisotopes or radiation producing machines for research purposes only.  The Committee also conducts and reviews the Radiation Protection Program for the Radioactive Material License.

Membership: Members include one representative from each program in which radiation research is conducted, appointed by the chair of the department in which the program is housed, one research technician with radioisotope experience, the radiation safety officer, and the Director of the National Spill Control School (who is ex-officio). The committee elects the chair. All members, including the ex officio members and the committee chair, have equal input and voting rights. All appointments will be for three years except the radiation safety officer and the Director of the National Spill Control School, who are permanent members of the committee. Initial appointments will be for three years. During the second year, a service cycle will be established so that one third of the committee will serve an extra year, one third will serve an extra two years, and one third will be reappointed or replaced at the end of year three. The number of members serving on the committee may be increased or decreased as needed with approval of the responsible university official, as long as the total number of members is not less than five and membership includes at least one research technician and the radiation safety officer. Members may be reappointed.

ChairElected by the Committee

Responsible University Official: Vice President for Research and Innovation




Coffin, Richard (Chair)

Professor, Radiocarbon natural abundance focus and need to oversee labeled compound use

May - 2020

Reese, Brandi Kiel

Assistant Professor, Radioisotope User

May - 2020

Zimba, Paul

Professor, Radioisotope User

May - 2020

Tissot, Phillipe

Background in radiation safety

May - 2020

Ballard, Rebecca

Research and Innovation Representative


Ballard, Rebecca

Institutional Biosafety Committee Representative


Galvan, Nathan

Radiation Safety Officer (Ex-Officio)


Wood, Tony

Director, National Spill Control School (Ex-Officio)


Last Updated: 01/15/2019