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Committees and Councils

Instructional Technology and Distance Education Committee

Purpose and Function: The Instructional Technology and Distance Education Committee (ITDEC) evaluates options, reviews and recommends rules and procedures, and provides advice regarding Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s distance education efforts.  The ITDEC’s role is to ensure that the Office of Distance Education promotes the educational mission of the University.  In carrying out these functions, the ITDEC serves as a resource regarding the standards, development, creation, implementation, delivery, and evaluation of blended as well as fully online courses and degree programs to ensure high quality offerings.  It also analyzes, supports, and provides planning advice and recommendations regarding distance learning. Members liaison between the unit they represent and the office of Distance Education and Learning Technologies.

Membership: One representative from the Office of Distance Education and Learning Technologies, one faculty representative from each college appointed by the dean, one representative from the Center for Faculty Excellence, one representative from the library, one computer services representative, one Graduate Studies representative, two student representatives (one undergraduate, one graduate), one representative from Enrollment Management, and the Associate VP for Academic Affairs (Ex-officio member).

Deans appoint members or are otherwise selected from within their respective units.  The criteria for appointment of the faculty shall be that they are genuinely interested in expanding TAMU-CC’s opportunities for distance education and represent a broad spectrum of disciplinary content and levels of instruction.  

Chair: Lauren Cifuentes, Director of the Office of Distance Education

Responsible University Official: David Billeaux, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs


Reason for Membership

Term, if applicable

Cifuentes, Lauren (Chair)

Director of Distance Education



Director of Application Technology Support


Evans, Edward

Associate Vice President for Information Technology and CIO



Director, Center for Faculty Excellence

Aug - 2018

Changchit, Chuleeporn

College of Business Faculty Representative

Aug - 2019

Watson, Joshua

College of Education and Human Development Faculty Representative

Aug - 2020

Luttrell, Eric

College of Liberal Arts Faculty Representative

Aug - 2018

Gonzalez, Abbey

College of Nursing & Health Sciences Staff Representative

Aug - 2018

Holland, Seneca

College of Science Engineering Faculty Representative

Aug - 2018

Spaniol, Frank

Graduate Council Representative

Aug - 2020

Landry-Hyde, Denise

Mary and Jeff Bell Library Representative

Aug - 2019

Baker, Brandon

Undergraduate Student Representative

Aug - 2018

Polishetty, SaiVarun

Graduate Student Representative

Aug - 2018

Rendon, Michael 

Enrollment Management Representative

Aug - 2017

Billeaux, David

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs


Last Updated: 07/06/2017