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Committees and Councils

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Purpose or Function: The IBC reviews and oversees all recombinant DNA, infectious agents and toxin research at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.

MembershipIBC members and chair are appointed annually, in accordance with NIH Guidelines, by the Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi Associate Vice President for Research. Members will be qualified, by expertise and experience, to review recombinant DNA and infectious biohazard research proposals. At least one member will be appointed to represent the community. One member will be appointed to represent the laboratory technical staff. An IBC member will be disqualified from review or approval of a proposal or activity in which he/she has been or expects to be engaged, except to provide information requested by the IBC. Members serve for three years on an alternating basis, and members are eligible for reappointment.

ChairThe Chairperson is elected by the membership for a three-year term, and is eligible for re-election.

Responsible University Official: Vice President for Research, Commercialization, and Outreach



Term, if applicable

Buck, Gregory (Chair)

Recombinant DNA Expert

Aug - 2019

Omayuri, Felix

Plant Expert, Animal Expert

Aug - 2021

Coons, Roy

Safety Specialist – Environmental Health & Safety Office

Aug - 2021

Webb, Heather

Animal Expert

Aug - 2019

Hatherill, Robert

Local Non-affiliated

Aug - 2021

Halcomb, Jonda

Local non-affiliated

Aug - 2021

Ballard, Rebecca

Research Compliance Director (Ex-Officio)


Last Updated: 04/09/2018