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High Impact Initiative Committee

Purpose or Function: Provides oversight and support for the implementation of the high impact initiative. The committee will advise the colleges on identifying high impact practices on campus and will assist with the marketing and promotion of the high impact initiative. The committee will also review the progress of the high impact initiative through a variety of assessments conducted across the campus.

Membership: Members will be appointed by the Associate Provost with recommendations by the College Deans. Members will come from a cross-section of campus stakeholders. Members will include the CFE Assistant Director, FYI Director, one representative for Student Success, one representative from the Division of Student Engagement and Success, one representative from Academic Advising, one representative from Academic Policy and Administration, and one representative from each academic college. All appointed members serve two-year renewable terms.

ChairAssistant Director, Center for Faculty Excellence

Responsible University Official: Associate Provost





Assistant Director, Center for Faculty Excellence (Chair)


Moreno, Gerard

Associate Vice President for Student Success

May - 2018

Schomaker, Stefani

Student Engagement and Success Representative

May - 2019


Executive Director, Advising Services

May - 2019

Lee, Jim

College of Business Faculty Representative

May - 2020

Banda, Rosie

College of Education and Human Development Faculty Representative

May - 2020

Murphy, Susan Wolff

College of Liberal Arts Faculty Representative

May - 2021

Greathouse, Susan

College of Nursing & Health Sciences Faculty Representative

May - 2020

Metcalf, Judith

College of Science & Engineering Faculty Representative

May - 2020


Director, Academic Policy and Administration


Smith, Kellie

Director, Center for Faculty Excellence (Ex-Officio)


Last Updated: 10/10/2019