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Committee on Committees

Purpose or Function: Review the committees and councils annually to update charges and membership. Perform a comprehensive review of committees and councils on a rotating three-year cycle to ensure that they are fulfilling their function and to make recommendations to the President’s Cabinet on whether each should continue. If continuation is recommended, suggestions for changes in membership, structure or charge may also be made. The Responsible University Officer (RUO) for a committee or council may ask for an out-of-sequence review. Each RUO should provide meeting minutes of the committee or council being reviewed and may also provide comments about the work of the committee for consideration during the review.

Membership:  Appointments are for one year but may be renewed without a term limit.

Chair: Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs | Office of Assessment, Accreditation and Compliance.

Responsible University Official: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs




Rendon, Michael

Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair)

May - 2020

Smith, David

Past Chair of Faculty Senate Committee on Committees

May - 2020

Metcalf, Emily

Current Chair of Faculty Senate Committee on Committees

May - 2020

Janney, Alexandra

Staff Council Representative

May - 2020

Nerren, Toni

Finance and Administration Representative

May - 2020

Sanford, Amy Aldridge

Academic Affairs Representative

May - 2020

Becerra, Kimberly

Institutional Advancement Representative

May - 2020

Drum, Amanda

Student Engagement and Success Representative

May - 2020

Hough, Mayra

Research and Innovation Representative

May - 2020

Held, Brittney

Student Representative, Student Government Association

May - 2020

Last Updated: 10/10/2019