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Regents Professors

Regents Professor Award Recipients for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Director, Center for Coastal Studies

The purpose of the Regents Professor Award of The Texas A&M University System (A&M System) is to honor individuals at the rank of professor or equivalent whose performance as faculty members not only to their institution, agency or health science center component, but also to the community, the State of Texas, and/or at the international level has been exemplary.

Pamela Brouillard (2017)
Professor of Psychology
Chair, Department of Psychology and Sociology
Marilyn K. Spencer (2016)
Professor of Economics
Chair, Department of Decision Sciences and Economics
Paul Montagna (2015)
Professor of Ecosystems and Modeling
Endowed Chair, Department of Ecosystems and Modeling
Donald Deis (2014)
Professor of Accounting
Department of Accounting, Finance, and Business Law
Bryant Griffith (2013)
Professor of Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction
Jim Lee (2012)
Professor of Economics
Chair, Department of Decision Sciences and Economics
Pamela Meyer (2011)
Professor of Sociology
Robb Jackson (2010)
Professor of English
Awni M. Zebda (2009)
Professor of Accounting
Robert A. Wooster (2008)
Professor of History
Suzzette Chopin (2006)
Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Director, Pre-Professional Education and Special Programs
Dorothy McClellan (2005)
Professor of Criminal Justice
Mark W. Anderson (2004)
Professor of Art
Leon F. Dube (2003)
Professor of Marketing
Chair, Department of Marketing and Management
Robert Bezdek (2002)
Professor of Political Science
Alan C. Berkebile (2001)
Professor of Geology
Director, Center for Water Supply Studies College of Science and Technology
Philip W. Rhoades (2000)
Professor of Criminal Justice
Richard E. Shepperd (1999)
Professor of Education
Jane Wilhour (1998)
Professor of Education
John W. Tunnell Jr. (1997)
Professor of Biology